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Life Mentorship


The CORE ESSENCE of the mind training program by Success Viking is to help IDENTIFY, PLAN and ACHIEVE DREAMS STRESS FREE. As per Success Viking’s study of over 1000 cases, we’ve established that Dreams have a relationship with four things - Time, Money/Career, People and Self. We’ve defined a methodical approach with the help videos, exercises, stories and examples to understand the same. The program is mainly divided into 6 parts, and each part has subcategories. The six parts are listed below, Step 1 Introspection, understanding and importance of Dreams How to identify FEARLESS DREAMS Step 2 Career/Money - Attracting them stress-free. Step 3 Time Management - Balancing all areas of life Step 4 Self Focus - Ever excited and ignited Step 5 The art of handle people and relationships Step 6 Making the VISUAL LIFE MAP/ ROAD MAP of the that we can audit our progress and at the same time, understand the significance of small hiccups over life's larger perspective!




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