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Success Viking

A Mentorship Platform

Success Viking offers Life and Business mentorship programs.

It's a platform for dreams, who want to live a stress-free life.

Our Approach

Life mentorship focuses on Identifying, Planning, and Achieving dreams stress-free while Business Mentorship focuses on the word stress-free by designing a business process that is system-based, scalable, and on auto mode.


Mr. Nirav Shah with over 3 decades of experience in various businesses, with a life journey of ups and downs and after having mentored innumerable individuals and businesses feels that LIFE COACHING IS AS IMPORTANT for a businessman as-is Business Mentorship since a balanced and stress-free life is the ultimate essence of life. 

He also feels that Mentorship can't be motivational. Motivation is temporary and necessarily might not give solutions, but just momentary excitement, while Mentorship means offering solutions, and such that one can self practice them and take control of their life and business by themselves.  Hence, Success Viking offers tools that help you understand the techniques and take control. Success Viking provides various options of Mentorship from a free module to options that can be customized.

The business Mentorship comes from a group of Industry Experts. The business has various areas and aspects to it, and each needs an expert and network of its own.

Business Mentorship has associates from various fields who are masterminds.

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