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Entrepreneur, Mentor, Public Speaker, Philanthropist

Nirav Shah

Quick Facts


Years of Experience running five successful businesses


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Quick Facts

Early Life of Nirav Shah

Nirav Shah was born and raised with a silver spoon.

He had it all, seen it all. He was born to Mr. Mayur Shah, the chairman and founder of Inductotherm India, India’s largest company in its field. Inductotherm was an internationally recognised business, but he wasn’t forced to join it.

Nirav Shah graduated in Construction Management from the USA and when he arrived in India, his visionary father had already laid the foundation for him to succeed. Being an individual with innovative and thematic ideas in real estate development, he reached great heights, both professionally & personally. Be it in regards to health, wealth, travel, philanthropy or his reputation, the stars were just by his side!


Furthermore, he was recognized by Indian Express amongst the top 18 next-generation entrepreneurs of this country!
Early Life

The Near Bankruptcy

No sooner things went out of Nirav’s hands.


He faced a huge downfall in business and nearly went bankrupt. He lost his properties, namely his house, offices, money, and much more! In the face of huge legal issues, he then went into depression. From being recognized as one of the top businessmen, it was unbelievable to see him crash down. 

The complications did not leave him yet.


Nirav and Neha gave birth to a son after which Neha was diagnosed

with full-body arthritis, an incurable disease!


She had to live life with daily pains, swollen joints, and a stiff body to the extent that she could not hold her own baby sometimes! But she chose to defy all the odds. She neither wanted to give up nor sit home. On entering her 30s, she decided to educate herself in the field of health & fitness. With all the pains by her side, she went on to open her own Fitness Studio.

Today, she successfully runs the well-known
brand Neha’s Fitness Studio!

Not only did she scale the peaks in her career but even at the age of 50, she scaled the Mount Everest base camp and later the Chadder trek, in -40 degree temperatures for 13 days!

The Near Bankcruptcy
“Falling down isn’t defeat, but refusing to get up is indeed!”

The Revival

Through the ebb & flow of their own lives and observing his father handle situations, Nirav learned to maneuver life in all its conditions.


Through patience, perseverance & proper planning, they successfully transformed lives and re-established businesses in the fields of construction, interior & architectural designing, fitness, and mentoring!

Both Nirav & Neha balance their business activities with hobbies like exercising, cartooning, traveling, and philanthropic activities alongside.


In the ever-increasing connectivity and social media presence in today’s world,

Nirav’s mobile phone is always on silent mode, for over a decade. This has been happening despite all the activities he is involved in and hence, this is his biggest achievement!

After such an incredible life-journey, Nirav & Neha believe that this world is a beautiful place to be, there is enough time to balance all areas of life, money can be attracted with the least resistance and everybody can dream big and achieve those dreams stress-free!

And to help others fulfill their dreams and succeed in their own business ventures and life, Nirav, along with his various businesses, started two different platforms: Wake up to Dream and Success Viking. Through these platforms, via personal counseling, and by speaking to top organizations across the country, thousands of lives have been touched and international and national achievers in many fields have come out victorious!

Th Revival

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