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Success Stories

Ananya Sheth


I have been a part of the Success Viking team for about 3 years now. It has been an overwhelming experience and my journey so far has been very enriching.

When I first joined SV, I had no idea as to how fine an individual it would turn me into. I didn't even imagine myself taking sessions in such a short period of time. And all of this couldn't have been possible without Nirav Sir, our mentor; guiding us at every stage.

Being in association with such highly proficient people not only helped me enhance my skills but it also led me to the realisation of what I could achieve in life if I had a dream. DREAM. It is the one-word NSMP stands for; encouraging every comrade to pursue his dreams and see them come true one day.

People often tend to think that not everyone is privileged enough to live a dream they yearn for and they fear to dream big because of the exact reason. But SV theories show exactly why you should dream fearlessly.

Bhavesh Rajpurohit

Real Estate Developer

I have been through some serious highs and lows in my life. Nirav sir came recommended by a friend who knew I was going through a rough patch. Losing my father and the business going down the drain had put me in a tight spot. At the age of 20 and knowing nothing about the business made it all the more difficult. We hit rock bottom when the allegations of fraud and cheating started.

My mother being a housewife never took interest in the business. Police cases, lawsuits, session court, high-court used to drain me physically and mentally. I am thankful to him for the guidance he has given me. He explained the pros and cons of doing things and their consequences and that cleared my vision for the business.

Advocate Devnani was introduced via Nirav sir and he played a major role in getting me out of the legal issues. Nirav sir gave me the emotional strength to go through the rough times. The positivity and his practical advice have gotten me out of tough spots. I am lucky to have had such a good mentor in my life during my bad phase and will always be thankful to him for his support and counselling my entire life.


Human Resources Professional

As they say, Life has its strange way to unfold an unexpected future. I was going through turmoil on the personal and professional front. Unexpected changes in career, Medical exigencies in family, wedding around the corner, everything juggled up together left me in a difficult situation.

As I was already associated with Mr Nirav Shah under the W2D platform, I approached him to help me sail through this. Life Coaching by Nirav Shah helped me systematically prioritise time and money, coming back to a STRESS-FREE life and shining through difficult phases.

On personal and professional both fronts, 2017 has been a challenging year for me and I proudly say I learned from it and sailed through with the help of the Life Coaching platform.

Thank you so much!

Dhaval Surendranagar

Business Man

After training taken from you, I am feeling more confident, have more powerful thinking on how to run business on systems by maintaining sops in each and every department.
Work process becomes more smooth after applying all charts on each system.
Working On self talks to achieve our dreams effortlessly
Keeping mobile on vibrate mode continuous we can keep focus on every task
Dairy management (to do list)
Making charts related to sales to make new customers.
Continuous thinking on New projects by tic tic theory

In short sir, when I come into your office in front of you all my problems have solutions, even personal ones.

Dr. Kirti Patel

Dentist, Idar

તમને મળ્યા પછી તો મારી life માં ઘણો ફરક છે,
Time management,
The way of thinking,
Keep everything simple and interesting,
Perfect ways to solution for all problems

જ્યારે જ્યારે તમારું session attend કરું છું ત્યારે એકદમ jalta કોયલા જેવી જ feeling આવે છે. Continuity જાળવાવા માટે હું હવે રોજ તમારી સાથે touch ma rahish.
You show us many many different ways to understand that-make our dreams come true with perfect ways without stress
I like specifically Little Little theories like time management, priorities setting-tic tic theory, the VAPAS theory, power of self talk, SALTTI theory, orbit theory and many more from you sir Nirav Shah, I also like zalta Hua koila,I am also zalta Hua koila... thanks for everything are great, thanks for sharing.



Nirav Sir is a gem of a person. I have learnt so many things from him which helped me to excel in my personal and professional life. He teaches not only to dream big but how to achieve it peacefully without being disturbed.

One of the key things I have learnt from him is to stay calm and positive in all situations, don’t assume or pre-judge, switch off and switch on mode and a No is not a No to u.. its a No to what ur offering. I always say Nirav sir teaches master in life administration. Thanks a lot, sir for teaching me all the valuable lessons.

Niku Amin

Former tennis Player, Sports Performance Coach @ High 5 sports Performance

Success Viking, a platform that invites you to share your dreams fearlessly, where your dreams start to turn into reality under well-planned guidance and proper direction and which is the brainchild of the amazing duo Nirav Shah and Truly inspirational Neha ma'am. From India number 212 to 30 in my tennis career and winning Gold medals twice in Nationals, I don't think I could have built enough mental strength and confidence amidst all those difficult times if I had not kept reading my self-talk and visualising and verbalising my dreams. Nirav sir's mentorship helped me bridge the gap between my off-court dreams and my on-court goals I intended to reach. The waves of his motivational words and constantly tracking my targets made me closer to my goal every single day. Thank you for influencing thousands of life and helping them realise their dreams, mentoring and building 'Kaynat'.

Nilesh Kotak

Interior Designer

I know Nirav sir from many years, but after completing my graduation I got a
chance to know him personally as I went to him seeking for an advice on my
future plans as I knew that he is a great person to get proper guidance. He gave
me very accurate and to the point solutions of my questions where I was
struggling for months with the confusion in my mind. At that time, I realized and
got a different view point about life that you can deal with a bigger problem with
a simple solution.

I’m working with Nirav sir as an interior designer from almost one year now. By
the medium of social media, I was admiring his work in the field of interior
designing and other fields too. By working with him, apart from designing, I’m
learning many things which is important for leading a successful lifestyle.

As we all know that the story of the journey of his life is vary inspiring and sets an
example for youngsters like us and future generations. He is a great leader to
follow and I’m glad that I have him as a mentor in my life.

Nishank Shah

Duro Green Pvt. Ltd.

I got in touch with Mr. Nirav Shah in my college days when I was doing my MBA in EDI…must be early 2010s!

Like all young entrepreneurs think, I too wanted to open up a few businesses and immediately scale up and become one of the top businessman of this country.

But once out in the real field, what I realised is that family, society, business growth, team building, funds etc. all had to be balanced. I also realized the difference between being a Self-employed businessman and being actually a businessman!

Initially the Life mentorship by Success Viking was as important as was the business mentorship. What I got from SV was… how to survey, how to stabilize, how to set system and how to scale up the business, but all these along with life lessons since parallel during this phase is a pressure of settling down, marriage, comparison of progress with others of same age, relationships etc., and that’s where being mature and calm, and at the same time growing in the business all becomes important.

While of course I have worked very hard each day of my life till now, of course I had to walk the path myself, when there is a mentor to guide and give the right hints, point at the possibilities, it surely helps!

Today as I see myself with a team of 30 members with presence in 2 cities, and clearly seeing an amazing future in the field of Waste management, I feel happy and thank Mr. Nirav Shah, Mr. Satyen Engineer … I thank Success Viking!

Pall Shingala

Junior Golfer

Hello, I am a 10-year-old Golfer from Gujarat. I have represented India Thrice in Junior Golf World Championship and Gujarat's first girl golfer. My parents met Nirav Sir at an event and shared my dream of winning a Gold in the Olympics in the category of Golf. Nirav Sir arranged a special meeting for me and taught me a very important lesson of “FEARLESSNESS" with small stories and great examples. I practised his teachings and today I play fearlessly, without worrying about failure and that has helped me become a Success Viking. I have learnt to say - "Either you win or you learn".

Pooja kothari

Book Curator & Signaturologist

Success Viking and Nirav came into my life in 2010. Both have made an everlasting impact on my life. I have learned several things which have now become a part of my personality and habits. I have learnt people skills like always greeting a stranger, taking the initiative to start the conversation, always keeping a diary and pen handy, organising a to-do list, to give compliments and much more. Being a speaker at Wake up to Dream gave me the confidence to speak on stage and also be helpful to people by sharing the wisdom I have. I leant about self-talk and the Life map which I have implemented in my life and also for my son. Life is so very beautiful, but by using the concepts taught at SV, we can give our life perfect navigation to reach the same goal with ease.

Thank you so much. Lots of Love.

Radhika Rai


I met Nirav Sir in April 2019. I was referred to him by someone who idolizes him and has been his student. I had heard a lot of praises about him.

But after my first meeting with Nirav Sir, whatever I had heard of him felt so minuscule. He is a giver in the truest sense. He has this divine Aura around him that can lure both angels and demons equally. He is humble, grounded and true to his words. He guided me timelessly for more than an hour. He helped me understand certain aspects of my fearless dreams and how to reach them in such effortlessly simple yet profound ways that it all just got deeply embedded in my mind. I could finally dare to dream big without doubting my potentials. I knew my journey may take longer than others but it was my journey after all. It took months to complete the Booklet that he gave me. But once I did and discussed the same with him - I could finally see a path for myself and even had the courage to walk the path.

In said unsaid ways he keeps motivating me, encouraging me and holding me to close to my priceless dreams of making a difference in this world. His commitment to his work is beyond comparison. I truly indebted to have met him this lifetime.

Rajvi Gosalia

Corporate Job holder, Motivational speaker and Cerebral Palsi fighter

My experience with success Viking and Wake up to dream is good. My dream is to become a global motivational speaker and Nirav sir has helped me come closer to my goal. Nirav sir is not a mentor but a friend and a guide as well. I have learnt a lot from the team members and without Nirav sir’s guidance and theories, people like me would be lost.

He has broadened my vision and have exposed me to topics I would never have chosen for myself. I am thankful to the entire team and Nirav sir for the amazing platform.

Rima Shah

Event Curator

ખુબ ખુબ અભિનંદન, કાયમ આપની પાસે થી દરેક જણ શીખતું જ આવેલ છે કેમ કે તમારા કામ જેવાકે success viking, life n business mentorship કે પછી social વર્ક કેમ ન હોય.
સાથે સાથે જિંદગી સારી કરવા ની રીત પણ શીખવાડી જાય એવી theory બતાવો છો. NGO ના કામ મા એકદમ પ્રેમપૂર્વક અને લાગણી થી વાત ને વણી લે છે,
Success viking ના પ્રોગ્રામ મેં કરેલા છે અને ખુબ જ સરસ રહેલ જે life મા દરેક ક્ષણે કાંઈ ને કાંઈ શીખવાડી જ જાય છે અને life અને કામ ને success બનાવવા મા ખુબ ખુબ મદદરૂપ થાય છે,
મારા માટે ખાસ કરી ને lockdown ના સમય ને success બનાવવા અને એ પણ ખુબ ખુબ positive encouragement ની સાથે, સાચે મારા માટે નીરવભાઈ પાસે થી કાંઈ પણ શીખવું એ એક આશીર્વાદ સ્વરૂપ જ રહેલ છે.
Always salute to you Niravbhai

Rupesh Raj

Entrepreneur l Politician l Writer l Fitness and wellness coach

If you want to dream fearless and accomplish them through practical, real life examples then Nirav sir is the person I recommend you to."

I was seated in the auditorium of my college and expected another boring guest session. At the end of it I was spellbound!

My mentor is many ways today; Nirav sir guided me to the helm of my professional, social, spiritual, fitness and material life.

A few of my achievements that I wish to highlight here. These conquests wouldn't have happened without sir's constant mentoring.

Profession: I now run a chain of hardware stores and also the CEO of an interior design company.

Social: I recently contested the legislative assembly elections 2020. I also actively participate in local causes. I also have learnt family discipline through him and replicate my marriage life the way Neha ma'am and Nirav sir leads theirs.

Fitness: It was a passion then and now I am a certified Reebok trainer and soon will be venturing into the fitness industry.

Saraswati Ponkia

Instagram & Online Business Coach

I am grateful that I have been in touch with Nirav Shah sir since 2014. With his constant guidance and practical tips, I have found the clarity which I was looking for in my career. As I progressed, not only I found confidence, learnt the people's skill, time and Money Mgt. and much more. But also I found immense value in his mentorship.

As a start-up, I had so many inhibitions, self-doubts, and no direction to move ahead. But with Nirav sir's mentoring and guidance, I was able to take a one-person company to the 4 people team agency structure. His way of providing a simple solution to a complex problem says it all!

His years of experience, running multiple businesses give us an overview and a bigger vision when we are growing our business too.

I can go on and on and on... But if I have to share my experience in a nutshell, then yes, Nirav Shah sir is the right Business mentor as well as the Life Coach, who is looking forward to start, stabilise and scale their Business at this time and age. And not to forget, doing all by balancing as he does!

Saurav Raj

Vision India Safety Solution

I had no direction in my life and was afraid of my future. Didn’t know what to do. Somehow luckily and met Mr Nirav Shah and that was the turning point of my life and career.

His mentoring process is always so transparent, smart, easy and positive that it makes me feel charged and energised. There is a perfect process to know yourself, to know who you are and what you can do. The energy generated within you can make you feel like you can do anything in life.

He has very in-depth knowledge and has helped me figure out my career.
With him as my mentor, I am successfully running a business with proper direction and if I lack somewhere, he is always there to guide me.

Starting from nothing to working with India’s leading companies in my journey and Mr Nirav Shah as my mentor.


Architect and Interior Designer

I joined Success Viking when I completed my 12th grade and was going to start applying to colleges. It was a phase when I was confused, unsure, and tangled around my aspirations, career, parents expectations etc. like every other teenager.

Nirav sir provided me with a platform to speak in front of people, which included businessmen and women, management students, experienced artists and a lot more people who were so much more experienced than me. Along with that I also celebrated a few festivals with the lesser privileged kids during the same period. This changed from inside for good.

met completely unexpected kind of people, developed a lot of confidence in myself, and the best part was things got sorted on its own. Both my parents were architect and interior design. And applying for the same field builds up a lot of pressure. I applied to only one college for interior design.. Which was the best in the country and cleared all my entrance rounds.

Nirav sir's techniques of self talk and life map played a major role in it. Even after indulging in college life he helped me by counselling and supporting me through all ups and downs. I'll always be grateful to him for being the mentor he is.


Corporate job holder

I was scheduled for an interview at TCS and had no prior experience of facing any sort of interview. I was nervous and wanted to make a good impression during the interview. To my luck, I did clear the interview and received an offer of the stipend I wanted. Working in the corporate world was my dream and that was achieved with the help of a technique called Dream Sheet which was taught in the Success Viking. The support and help I have received from Nirav sir is immense and I thank him for that.

Vidhi Prajapati


After meeting MR. NIRAV SHAH , I feel honoured to have him in my life! He is an incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful & very positive person that i have ever met in my entire life!
Spending a lot of time with him...Sharing all of my dreams & his way of listening to me very sharply with all of his focus & his positive response that gives me the strength & hope to complete each & every dream of mine.
I am feeling more confident & positive in my life!
After following all the theories of how to deal / fight with obstacles...Steps of “HOW TO FULFILL DREAMS” that make my way very smooth & clear!
Making a life map, Making a dream sheet is a very wonderful way to focus on our work process & I also live my dreams everyday with the help of a dream sheet!
Reading self-talk is a great way to focus on our daily routine. Keeping my phone on silent mode...It makes us focus on only that ongoing work.
Tic - tic theory also makes my work so easy to complete.
I can keep focus on only dream related work.
In the end i can say that, “I can complete all of my dreams fearlessly”


Architect, Master planner

In life we all are travellers searching for our Path. Everyone gets more or less hurdles and bumps on their way. But when there is someone like you with us, who is a mentor, a friend, a support; this journey becomes easy. I have never seen you stepping back from any challenges. You are always there for those in need.
You make things look so simple and make us see beyond the problems.
Thank you for guiding me and supporting me in my journey.

Success Stories
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