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7 Things to consider when choosing a mentor!

Choosing a mentor is not necessarily a difficult task, but it also shouldn’t be something you jump into haphazardly. When choosing a mentor, you will want to consider a few things to ensure a proper fit. The mentor should be very positive and encouraging.

  1. The mentor should be practising or have achieved what he preaches. E.g. a fitness trainer should be fit.

  2. Ideally, each dream needs a mentor who is an expert in that field. A doctor can’t teach plumbing and vice versa, a cricketer can’t teach business and vice versa.

  3. The mentor can be changed when our goals get bigger and we require a more experienced mentor, as a matter of fact, the mentor himself/herself will indicate the right time for it.

  4. Guardians love us, care for us, wish the best for us but then they are experts in their respective fields and hence they may not be the right mentors for all our dreams. Hence, act maturely and listen to them respectfully, but apply the S.A.L.T.T.I theory, and do not follow their advice blindly.

  5. Mentoring can also be done through research work, autobiographies, interviews, blogs, columns, seminars etc.

  6. List of some type of mentors: Fitness trainer, Dietician, Businessman, Life coach, Hobby teacher, Spiritual guru, Doctor

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