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10 Top Management Practices

Did you know that only 60% of employees say they have a world-class manager?

A good manager plays a significant role in creating a positive and highly productive workplace. Your behaviour and management can transform your team into a super productive unit and improve morale among your direct reports. There are some standard good management practices that successful managers use. If you haven’t already implemented them, our article will tell you how, and explain the benefits.

  1. Documented delegation work to the team

  2. Pay for results and not time to the team

  3. Participative management where the team owns the decision

  4. Audit your course of business and life

  5. Cultivate the art of listening and analysing and later backing it with automation

  6. Appreciate and recognise the team members

  7. Take your family in confidence

  8. The art of balancing your life and career

  9. Spending habit (individually or in the organization)

  10. Update yourself with technology in the changing time

Hope this helps you in being a world-class manager.

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