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The benefit of Systems in a Business

Everyone likes to talk about standard operating procedures (SOPs) and systems, but going from the idea of having them to actually working on them is different.

SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures - It's like a manual for everyone in the business to exactly understand what is expected, how should it be done, each task has a process and a defined system.

The biggest advantage of having SOPs in a business is there is no guesswork!

To ensure you and your team are operating from a formalized and coordinated process not only increases productivity but reduces the risk of errors. While everyone may want to do the right thing, often everyone’s version of that right thing is likely to be somewhat different. This means that how a task is completed is likely to vary according to who is undertaking that task.

Standard Operating Procedures at a minimum give you the following:

1. Consistency: The number one reason for procedures is consistency in the way an individual carries out a particular task or activity. The more consistent a process is from person to person, the less chance there will be quality problems.

2. Reduction of errors: A written procedure details a set of instructions for performing a task. As long as each individual within your team performs the task as it is written, there's a greater chance of reducing errors.

Working on your business' SOP is an ongoing process but to scale up and grow it is an integral and a very important part.

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