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Implementing Systems in the Business

If you want high potential company, you need to create systems on which the whole work will depend. Your company is a system, and this system requires subsystems to operate normally.

  • If the systems are made before hiring the majority of the team, it becomes a part of their training, culture, part of their job…they know from day one that SOPs are the norms.

  • We as business owners must have a firm belief in the concept of SYSTEMS, the importance of the B quadrant and a firm belief in the systems made for the organization.

  • The systems ideally must be made by the team of top management, so they own the system and are not compelled to use it as an order.

  • We as business owners will have to be very firm, yet friendly and clearly understand the difference between a genuine request v/s emotional blackmail or lack of drive to follow the systems.

  • We as business owners will have to show that systems are more important than short term sales, results and profits in general…we too have to be bound by the system.

  • Two things drive a living being – either DREAMS or FEAR…meaning, either the systems have to be benefiting the team and/or there should be a fear factor of losing the job.

Systems are the ultimate method of turning a struggling business into a well-oiled machine. You can systematize virtual anything in your business. Every single system has the potential to reduce your mental load, free up time, overcome hurdles, and enhance your progress.

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